The G Suite helps numerous users around the world in their daily communication and collaboration activities and Google Meet is the videoconference solution of which the Mountain View company has enhanced the functionality in recent times of widespread smart.

In fact, with the transition to more flexible and distributed teams, the video conference has become a firm point in the way organizations and professionals organize the work.

Google now takes a further important step and, in collaboration with Lenovo, has launched the hardware kits for meeting rooms of the Series One for Google Meet.

The context highlighted by Google in presenting the new solution is that in which companies are organizing a safe return to the office, so many are planning a mix of remote and personal work environments. Many organizations are therefore redesigning the spaces for meetings to allow physical space to be spaced with larger rooms and fewer people inside them, or with many smaller meeting rooms.

This makes it even more important to implement effective video solutions. The Series One is designed for this purpose and also offers features of integrated Google artificial intelligence: people can access meetings without touching anything, only with the voice, enjoy a studio audio thanks to improved noise cancellation technology and benefit from

Series One, ensures Google, uses the latest artificial intelligence news to provide greater audio and video clarity, which makes you feel like you’re really all together in the meeting room, even remotely.

TrueVoice is Google’s multichannel noise cancellation and voice amplification technology, which minimizes distractions to ensure that each voice is listened to without any problems.

The Smart Audio Bar uses 8 beamforming microphones and the top configuration of the kit can process up to 44 channels simultaneously. This means that background sounds that might distract are filtered completely, but voices are reproduced in a clear and clean way.

All the Series One meeting room kits use the same technology used in Google data centers, which is integrated directly into the Meet Compute System and Smart Audio Bar. The Coral M.2 accelerator modules with Google Edge TPU enable audio and video processing based on artificial intelligence that preserves privacy and allows Series One to take advantage of future innovations in machine learning, maintaining performance and

Each Series One kit, please inform Google, includes a normal or extra large 4K smart camera that captures every detail, with the 20.3 megapixel Smart Camera XL and a 4.3x zoom. High resolution makes possible PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) digital effects and automatic frame of participants without any loss of image quality.

Google’s Series One kits offer the versatility that today’s flexible work environments require, with small, medium and large room configurations. The Series One processing system was created specifically for Google Meet on Chrome OS, so it is easy to install and keep up to date.

Everything is managed safely through the Google Administration Console, including device configuration, status controls and minor troubleshooting, without ever having to physically visit the meeting room. To help monitor the use of the meeting room and maintain security protocols, each kit can anonymously detect the number of participants and visits to the room.

An architecture with a single power source with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and a cable management system with color code for components helps to reduce the overall wiring and simplify installation, also reducing costs. And as the room size changes, the kits can be expanded with multiple Mic Pods and an additional audio bar. The audio calibration for the room acoustics is also simple: a single touch can automatically optimize the system’s audio settings for different dimensions and surfaces of the meeting room.

Automatic over-the-air updates ensure easy management of the fleet of devices. L Each component, up to the cables, has been rigorously tested, ensures Google, for durability in environments with high use. For a more peaceful stay, the Series One kits are supplied with three years of support Lenovo Premier.

The meeting control is also simple, thanks to a 10.1-inch touch screen controller powered by a single cable. Small room kits include a rechargeable remote control. All kits support hands-free control through the Google Assistant, to start or finish a meeting, reactivate audio and more.

The devices are easily integrated into any meeting room and are available in two color finishes, Charcoal and Chalk: they have rounded corners, quality fabrics and an elegant design.

Google Meet Series One has been announced for several countries, including some Europeans, but not yet for Italy.

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