It becomes easier for the workers of the production line to connect face-to-face with the other employees of the company working at a distance, thanks to the new experience of Google Meet for Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

With Meet for Glass, Google points out, workers can securely connect via real-time video and keep their hands free to carry out their activities.

Meet for Glass tests, reported by Mountain View, started at Google’s data centers, which help keep Big G’s products and services running 24/7 worldwide. Each data center is protected with six levels of physical security designed to prevent unauthorised access but it is also crucial, especially in these times, to provide a healthy and safe working environment for the people who manage them.

Using Meet for Glass, Google data center technicians can connect with each other to diagnose a problem, examine equipment and even train new employees: they are able to work independently and collaborate easily with other people throughout the

People who connect to Meet can see exactly what the technician is doing and communicate clearly to provide real-time feedback. In the past, remote working meant going around with bulky equipment, with a webcam or laptop. With Glass, technicians are now able to work with free hands and focus on the task to be performed.

Data centers are one of many examples where remote assistance can help maintain operational efficiency. In this new normality, workers in all industrial sectors benefit from head-up and hands-free solutions.

For example, manufacturers who are experiencing a surge in demand for essential products, such as personal protective equipment, medicines and cleaning products, can have factory equipment monitored and maintained by on-site employees with the help of specialists from all

Similarly, field care technicians can connect with distance experts to quickly repair devices that provide quality care to patients. And real estate professionals can do a virtual tour themselves or carry out remote inspections for potential tenants and buyers.

Glass, again points out Google, has been helping workers in the production line for years and now, with Meet for Glass, companies have an additional tool to manage the new challenges of distance work that are emerging in all industrial sectors.

Google Workspace customers can request the beta of Meet for Glass to get an early access to functionality.

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