The videoconference app of the G Suite Google Meet now allows you to view up to 49 people simultaneously in the automatic layout options and grid mode.

In addition to this, Google has also added the possibility for the user to see himself inside one of the boxes of the participants in the call.

In fact, when the user passes the mouse on his thumbnail in the upper right corner of the screen, he will now also see the option to add or remove himself from the grid.

This feature, highlighted Google, is only available in Meet on the web.

Apart from the rapid release domains, for all others the roll out of the update that introduces this new feature began on September 21 and happens, as usual, gradually, so it will take up to 15 days for users to have the possibility to

By default, Google also explained, the maximum number of frames that will be displayed in automatic layouts is 9 while in grid layouts is 16.

Another novelty of this release is that the user will also be able to use a slider to adjust the number of frames that display in the grid of participants to a videoconference.

This way the user himself will have control to, for example, increase the maximum number of participants displayed, when the meeting involves a large group, or to reduce this number if you have a not sufficiently strong Internet connection available.

These adjustments made by the cursor are specific for each meeting, so they will be reset between meetings and each other and the user can customize them each time.

You may also see fewer frames depending on the size of the window, as the actually available boxes adjust automatically to fit the usable screen surface.

The function will be available for all users.

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