Anthos is the first important new feature coming from Google Cloud Next 19, announced during the opening keynote from the top of Google Cloud.

In presenting it, the company first highlighted that 80% of the workloads are not yet on the cloud. And that 88% of companies have a multicloud strategy, because they have fears of making big investments on a single cloud architecture.

Many companies that have their own It infrastructure, in fact, while being interested in the benefits offered by the cloud, do not want to remain tied to a single supplier. Therefore, I am looking for solutions that can be integrated on all ecosystems.

It is precisely to meet this requirement that Google Cloud proposes Anthos. This new open platform allows you to manage workloads on third-party clouds such as AWS and Azure. It is a multicloud-ready platform that offers freedom to launch and manage an application on your favorite cloud. This, without having to know all the different environments and the different APIs.

Anthos, now available at a general level, for all, is a platform ….write once, run everywhere… that fully supports the multi-cloud. And that allows companies to modernise their enterprise infrastructure on-premise in a simple and fast way.

From Cloud Services Platform to Anthos

Anthos is based on the Cloud Services Platform that Google announced last year. The open platform of Google Cloud allows companies to run their applications anywhere, in a simple, flexible and secure way, without having to modify them. And that, on the on-premise hardware on which the company has already invested, or on the public cloud.

Anthos’ hybrid functionality is now available on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and in the company’s data center with GKE On-Prem. Anthos will also manage workloads running on third-party clouds such as AWS and Azure. This gives companies the freedom to implement, run and manage applications on the chosen cloud. Without administrators and developers learning different environments and APIs.

Anthos, explains Google, is a 100% software-based solution. The company can quickly be \up and running \\ on its existing hardware without any forced update of the stack. Anthos is also based on open APIs, which offers an additional level of freedom and flexibility. Also, since Anthos is based on GKE, the Kubernetes service managed by Google, you will automatically get the latest feature updates and security patches.

Google also announced Anthos Migrate, currently in beta version. This tool automatically migrates virtual machines from on-premise or other clouds directly into containers in GKE, with minimal effort. This is a migration technology that allows you to migrate and modernise your business infrastructure in one step, without requiring changes to your original VMs or applications first.

An ecosystem of partners

Anthos, announces Google Cloud, is already successfully used by global companies such as HSBC, Cisco, Siemens. In addition, it has more than 30 partners including VMware, Dell EMC, HPE, Intel and Lenovo who are ready to help customers take advantage of Anthos right away.

With this ecosystem of hardware, software and system integration partners, Google is working together to support customers in exploiting Anthos right away.

Systems integrators will have the opportunity to help customers modernise and extend their applications using Anthos. With numerous international partners Google is building services and solutions to help companies integrate Anthos into their environment.

Anthos also includes features that allow you to automate policy and security on a large scale during deployments. Anthos Config Management allows you to create ready multi-cluster policies to set and apply role, quota and namespace-based access controls.

Anthos’ open source approach makes this platform, says Google, a safe choice for business’s cloud strategy. It is further strengthened by the fact that partners such as Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE, VMware and many others support it.

And since Anthos is completely managed, even on-premise, you get the advantages of open source without operating difficulties.

Reducing the complexity of your It allows companies to move faster. From container management to security, from traffic management to software development, Anthos helps to simplify.

In-depth information on the architecture behind Anthos, and how to modernise its infrastructure, are available in this Google white paper.

More information about the Google Cloud Platform is available at this link.

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