At the beginning of this year, Google announced that it was working to bring together its two existing Google Drive sync clients, Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream, into a single client

The intention was to create a powerful and unified sync client, with the best and most used features from both Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream.

Google also warned that Google Workspace customers with Backup and Sync users should have made the transition to Desktop Drive.

Desktop Drive is a unified sync client that provides a consistent experience for anyone using Google Drive, for business, education or personal purposes.

The client allows you to quickly synchronize and access content directly from Mac or PC. Which can save time because it helps the user to access files and folders in a familiar location in Windows or macOS.

Drive for desktop, also underlines Google, automatically synchronizes local files with the cloud in the background, which minimizes the time to devote to waiting for file synchronization, also freeing up disk space and saving in

Although many people access Google Drive directly from the web browser or mobile apps, it has highlighted the Mountain View company, others prefer to have access to their files and photos directly on the desktop, just like files that are

And it is to them that Drive for desktop is addressed. Because Desktop Drive is precisely an application for Windows and macOS that allows you to quickly and easily access Google Drive files and folders directly from your desktop.

As drive files are stored in the cloud, any changes made by the user or collaborators themselves are automatically updated anywhere, and you will always have access to the latest version.

Google has also officialized the timeline of the transition to Drive for desktop.

From July 19, 2021, Backup and Sync will support a guided stream to help users switch to Desktop Drive.

From August 18, 2021, all users who still use Backup and Sync will start receiving notifications within the product that will invite them to switch to Desktop Drive.

From 1 October 2021, all users still on Backup and Sync will no longer be able to access Backup and Sync. To keep syncing with Drive and/or Google Photos, users will have to switch to Desktop Drive.

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