On the occasion of Google Cloud Next 19 comes the announcement of a new integration between Dropbox and Google Documents. Dropbox has in fact presented a new feature, currently available in open beta for Dropbox Business customers. This feature allows you to work with Google Docs Documents, Sheets and Presentations directly from Dropbox.

Once you log in to your Google account and Dropbox account, you can create and store Documents, Sheets and Presentations in any Dropbox folder. Just like traditional files, and along with them. This new function will make it easier for people using Dropbox to organize their work in different ways.

First, Google Documents, Sheets and Presentations files will be displayed in your Dropbox account searches. The full-text search feature of Dropbox will show results from the contents of Documents, Sheets and Presentations, not just from file names.

The user also has the option to create a new document, worksheet or shared presentation, directly from dropbox.com or from the Dropbox apps for Windows and Mac. And to file it in Dropbox. When a user opens a document of this type, it is redirected directly to the familiar Google editor, which starts directly on dropbox.com.

The user can also edit existing files. It can also open.docx,.xlsx or.pptx files from Dropbox, respectively in Google Documents, Sheets or Presentations. And then save them back to Dropbox in their original format.

Editing and sharing, with Google and Dropbox

Of course, the potential for sharing and collaboration is those that give an extra boost to cloud-based solutions. Sharing and co-editing functionality have contributed to Google Docs’ success. These options are not overlooked in this new integration.

Adding a Google document to a shared Dropbox folder will automatically allow access to its members, so that everyone can work with it. You can also share single files once, without adding them to a shared folder. There is also the possibility to invite people directly from the Dropbox apps or create a link to share in an email or chat.

Of course, Dropbox points out, the user has the ability to manage access. Whether you share directly from Dropbox or create a link, you can give recipients access to it in change or read-only. We can also set permissions only for the team, to share only within the company, or for anyone else, to share work outside of your Dropbox Business team. And since sharing is managed by Dropbox, there is nothing additional to do for team administrators.

Comments added to Google documents will be displayed in Dropbox notifications. This way the user can always stay up to date on the job, without having to continuously check on multiple positions.

This new feature has been launched for the time being as open beta only for Dropbox Business teams and English. Sign-up is available at this link.

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