During the Data Cloud Summit, Google announced three new solutions in the database portfolio and data analysis to provide organizations with a unified data platform.

With the preview of Dataplex, Analytics Hub and Datastream, companies can get rid of data silos to safely predict business results, empower users and make informed and real-time decisions.

Using the Google Cloud data platform, users will now have a comprehensive approach to their cloud of data that spans the entire life cycle of data, from systems that manage their activity to artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that provide

Google Cloud, here’s Datastream

Provide customers with real-time data replication: available in preview, Datastream is a new CDC (Change Data Capture) without server and a replica service. Datastream allows customers to replicate data streams in real time, from Oracle and MySQL databases, to Google Cloud services such as BigQuery, Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage and

This solution allows companies to feed real-time analysis, database replication and event-based architectures. For the first customers Schnuck Markets, Inc., Datastream simplified its architecture and eliminated the hours of delay for the Oracle data replication in BigQuery and Cloud SQL.

Analytics Hub, the analysis of data in real time and secure

Making data sharing simple and secure: previewing coming up, Analytics Hub is a new feature that will allow companies to create, cure and manage analytics exchanges in a secure and real-time way.

With Analytics Hub, customers can share data and insights, including dynamic dashboards and machine learning models safely inside and outside their organization.

Analytics Hub allows organizations to combine business data sets with unique google, commercial, industrial and public data. Analytics Hub is based on the existing and popular sharing features of BigQuery, which have already seen thousands of organizations innovate with analysis and accelerate their path towards insights by sharing much more than data alone. Learn more about the technical features of Analytics Hub are here.

The third news: Dataplex

Helping organizations simplify data management: available in preview, Dataplex is an intelligent data fabric that offers an integrated analysis experience, which brings together the best of Google Cloud and the open source, to allow you to cure,

Automated data quality enables data scientists and analysts to address data consistency between the tools of their choice, unify and manage data without moving or duplicate them.

With Google’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, organizations spend less time fighting with infrastructure complexity and more time using data to deliver business results.

Updates in Google Cloud database and analysis portfolio

Based on its strategic commitment to multicloud, Google Cloud will also introduce BigQuery Omni for Microsoft Azure (preview) and Looker for Microsoft Azure to help customers get critical data information in any

BigQuery ML Anomaly Detection is now available for customers to detect abnormal data models more easily using BigQuery’s integrated machine learning capabilities. Customers use technology for a variety of cases of use in the sector, including bank fraud detection and analysis of production defects.

Dataflow offers customers a fast and cost-effective solution for streaming analysis. Available in the third quarter, Dataflow Prime will provide advanced support for automatic resize and proper adaptation for data pipelines, providing the lowest TCO cost for customers.

Dataflow Prime will incorporate artificial intelligence and ML capabilities to provide customers with streaming predictions such as time series analysis, intelligent diagnostics that proactively identify bottle packages and automatic optimization.

The company will also reduce the entry barrier for Cloud Spanner, its fully managed relational database, reducing the entry price by 90% with the introduction of the granular size of the instances (incoming), providing at the same time the same unlimited scale and the same

In addition, the BigQuery Federation in Spanner is on the way, which allows BigQuery users to question transactional data resident in Spanner, for richer and more real-time detailed information. Spanner also adds Key Visualizer, now available in preview, to provide interactive monitoring and enable developers to quickly identify usage patterns.

Finally, Cloud Bigtable introduces the best availability of the category with a new service contract of 99.999%.

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