The retail sector is undergoing a transformation driven by customers, who expect a seamless experience between online and shop. Customers are looking for tools that can make recommendations and help them find what they need. And they want the whole experience to be as fast and personalized as possible. As a result, many retailers turn to cloud technologies to meet these needs.

Google Cloud, informs the Mountain View company, is already working with retailers around the world to address these challenges. Brands like Carrefour, Designer Brands, Ikea, Metro, Shopify, Target, Home Depot and many others are already exploiting Google Cloud technologies. In areas such as ecommerce hosting, data analysis, machine learning and labour transformation.

As part of Google Cloud Next, Google Cloud has announced a number of new retail solutions. Solutions created in collaboration with the ecosystem of previously mentioned partners. And designed to solve specific business challenges that retailers face in all steps of the value chain.

The six pillars of Google Cloud for Retail

Google Cloud for Retail offers a robust set of solutions that allow retailers to quickly exploit cloud features for specific use cases. From operations in the shop to merchandising, from customer acquisition to loyalty.

Solutions focus on six key pillars in the retail value chain. And they aim to help companies apply cloud technology to get the most out of each one.

eCommerce Hosting offers flexible, reliable and scalable hosting capabilities for brand electronic commerce platforms. In addition, Google Cloud’s CRE program offers a timely service with technical revisions of architecture and support of operations in high season.

Customer experience is a key advantage of traditional shops over online competition. However, inaccuracies of inventory and lack of real-time visibility can leave customers empty and frustrated. The Real Time Inventory Management and Analytics solution developed by Google partners provides inventory visibility on shelves and warehouses. Providing retailers with valuable data to improve the experience in their customers’ shop.

A well-supported, connected and productive workforce is the key to retailers offering satisfying shopping experiences to their customers. Empowered Associates offers the collaborative power of G Suite combined with partner social intranet capabilities. In order to organise, involve and inform the entire retail organisation.

More information about Google Cloud retail solutions is available at this link.


Progress in artificial intelligence and machine learning has had a huge impact on the retail sector. And we saw in this previous article the various innovations in artificial intelligence announced by Big G at Google Cloud Next. These innovations are also intertwined with solutions that exploit Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence and machine learning in retail.

For example, Vision Product Search uses Cloud Vision technology to help retailers create new engaging mobile experiences. By integrating functionality of the type of Google Lens. Customers can take photos and screenshots from their phone of the products they prefer. And the mobile experience will provide real-time results of similar or complementary items from the dealer’s catalog.

When customers browse a retail website, they often expect suggestions on different or complementary products. Product Recommendations, enhanced by Google’s Recommendation AI, supports retailers in providing super-personalised recommendations on a large scale. The tool learns continuously and adapts to the behaviour of users in real time, as well as dynamic environments with changes in the assortment, prices and special offers.

In addition to these retail-specific solutions, other adverts related to artificial intelligence at Google Cloud Next 19 are particularly relevant to retailers. Contact Center AI, currently in beta and further improved, can, for example, support retailers in creating a modern and intuitive customer service experience.

Of the AutoML Tables, also in beta version, we have spoken in this previous article. They can also be a valuable tool in retail.

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