The DocAI platform of Google Cloud, with Lending DocAI and Procurement DocAI, is now generally available, to help businesses reduce the time and costs of document processing.

Thousands of customers have tried these products in the preview phase, Google Cloud said in giving the news, and DocAI has already processed tens of billions of pages of documents related to credits, insurance, government activities and other sectors.

Some of the most important data of companies do not live in databases, but in documents, and most business processes start, involve or end with a document, highlighted Google Cloud.

Yet, most companies still find themselves manually entering data and relying on conjectures to make sense of all this information, while the volume and variety of data increase at dizzying rhythms.

According to Google Cloud, all organizations are leaving a huge amount of value unused, in the form of new and better customer experiences that could be unlocked with artificial intelligence applied to documents.

The latest releases of Document (Doc) AI, Lending DocAI and Procurement DocAI introduce powerful solutions, designed to address these challenges.

To enhance these solutions there are Google technologies such as: computer vision (including OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), which create pre-trained models for high value and high volume documents; Knowledge Gra

Lending DocAI helps banks, mortgage brokers and other credit institutions speed up the loan application process from weeks to days, drastically reducing the cost of issuing a loan. And Procurement DocAI allows companies to automate the acquisition of supply data on a scale, lowering processing costs up to 60%.

These solutions are built on the DocAI platform, a unified console for document processing that allows you to quickly access all parsers and tools. From the platform, you can automate and validate documents to optimize workflows, reduce conjecture and keep data accurate and compliant.

In addition, Human-in-the-Loop AI is now generally also available, a new feature of DocAI that according to Google Cloud will help companies achieve greater accuracy in document processing with the guarantee of human review. The addition of human review can increase accuracy and help companies interpret predictions using specially constructed tools to allow such revisions.

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