A CDN, content delivery network, is a key component to ensure that content that your users access most frequently is provided quickly and cheaply, and to enhance this Google Cloud feature has introduced new more flexible controls for

These new controls, Google Cloud explained, make it even easier to improve performance and at the same time reduce service costs for the content that your audience regularly accesses, regardless of where your users are.

Three functions are currently available in Preview mode that allow Google Cloud customers to enable Cloud CDN as part of their Load Balancer HTTP(S) and to start caching content with just one click.

Cache modes represents, Google Cloud explained, a new concept that allows Cloud CDN to automatically cache the most common static content types without further configuration of the source, or to cache all responses

The second feature introduced is the ability to set and/or overwrite the cache TTL (the time to live, or ‘expiration, ‘s down ), so that you can develop the duration of

Custom response heads, on the other hand, allow you to reflect the state of the cache on clients, geographical data and their static header responses, such as Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Policies

These new features are available in an open way for all platform customers and you can use them using the Google Cloud Console or the gcloud SDK on existing Cloud CDN enabled backends.

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