With the stable Chrome 80 release in February, Google had begun to implement in its browser a secure-by-default approach in managing third-party cookies, one of the steps undertaken within a path aimed at

As for the overall improvement path, also for the roll out of this specific feature, a secure management by default of cookies, has been planned a gradual implementation, as these are important changes and Google has monitored and carefully evaluated it

In recent weeks, however, everything has been upset by the dramatic health and social emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and this has led many important software houses to review their schedules and timelines (to give a prominent example, Microsoft

In light of the extraordinary global circumstances of Covid-19, Google has also decided to temporarily suspend the implementation of SameSite cookie labelling, and so the roll back process of the new feature has already begun.

He announced it on the Chromium Blog Justin Schuh, Director of Google’s Chrome Engineering, who explained that although most of the web ecosystem has prepared for this change, the Mountain View company wants to be

Justin Schuh also pointed out that during the roll back phase of the implementation, organisations, users and websites should not experience any interruption of normal operation.

Google has assured that it will give notice on the Blog of Chromium and on the SameSite update page when it plans to resume the implementation of the new approach to cookies, which should take place during the summer.

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