The new release of Google Chrome, the latest for this 2020, introduces updates that can help make work more fluid and productive: the browser becomes in fact, ensures the Mountain View company, faster to start, faster in

Google is so confident of this increase in performance that it describes lupdate this month as the greatest enhancement of Chrome’s recent years, in terms of performance, thanks to many improvements occurred under the hood.

Among these: Google Chrome now gives priority to active cards over all the rest of what is open: this reduces CPU usage by up to 5 times and extends battery life to 1.25 hours (based on the internal benchmarks of Mountain).

In addition, Google Chrome now starts up to 25% faster, loads pages up to 7% faster and does all this by using less energy and RAM than before.

As for the mobile world, Chrome on Android now loads the pages almost instantly when you browse back and forth, making these common actions much faster.

How have these improvements been implemented by the development team?

In optimizing computer resources in the use of tabs, the development team managed to make significant improvements by preventing the background cards from •waking the CPU too often and no longer rendering cards that are not

The Google Chrome development team has studied how background cards use system resources and found that JavaScript timers represent more than 40% of the work in the background tabs. Reducing their impact on the CPU and energy consumption is important to make your browser more efficient.

Starting with Chrome’s M87 version, a throttling of JavaScript wake-ups timers was implemented in the background tabs once per minute. This device reduces the use of CPU and battery without sacrificing the background features that interest users, such as playing music and sending notifications.

In addition, the development team with this release brought the Occlusion Tracking feature, which had previously been added on Chrome OS and Mac, even on Windows: this allows Chrome to know which windows and tabs are actually visible at the menu. With this information, Chrome can optimize resources for the cards that the user is currently using, compared to the minimized ones, resulting in a higher speed using less memory at the same time.

These updates will gradually be introduced in the M87 release and in the next, M88.

There are also functional updates, for example with the possibility to search for tabs. The user can now see the list of open tabs, regardless of the window in which they are located, and then type quickly to find what you need. This feature is coming first on Chromebooks, then on other desktop platforms.

Also, in this release you will always expand what you can do in the address bar with Chrome Actions, a faster way to perform various types of actions by typing a few keys directly into the bar.

For Mac users, one important novelty is that the Apple Silicon version of Google Chrome for macOS is now available for download.

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