With Google Chrome’s Live Caption feature, it is now possible to automatically generate live subtitles for multimedia content on the browser where audio is present.

Subtitles make online content more accessible. If you are in a noisy environment or try to keep your computer volume down or for those who have hearing problems, having subtitles available allows you to follow whatever video you are watching on your browser.

However, unfortunately, subtitles are not always available for each content.

To come to the aid is now Google’s integrated Chrome capability that works on social and video sites, podcasts and radio content, personal video libraries (such as Google Photos), embedded video players and most services of c

Such Google Chrome subtitles are created on the device, which allows them to appear while the content is being played and never having to leave the computer. The Live Caption option also works offline, so you can also generate subtitles for the audio and video files saved on your disk when they are played in Google Chrome.

To activate Google Chrome’s Live Caption feature on your desktop, you need to access Chrome Settings, click the Advanced section, then open the Accessibility tab.

However, there is a limit: this feature currently only supports English; it is still available globally with the latest version of Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux devices and will arrive soon, Google announced, even on Chrome

For Android devices, Live Caption is already available for any audio or video on your mobile device.

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