The latest Google Workspace updates have introduced a new and improved user interface on the web as well as new options to customize notifications in Google Chat.

As for the UI, Google has made some changes to the Google Chat interface on the web (i.e. and the Progressive Web Application (PWA).

The new interface was made more similar to that of Chat in Gmail, to offer users, underlined the company of Mountain View, a more coherent and identifiable chat experience, regardless of the environment in which they are located.

Google has also added some new additions to help users be more productive. For example, in chat rooms you can now access shared files and tasks via tabs at the top. The quick access side panel on the right side, as in Gmail, has also been added to provide access to apps such as Calendar, Maps and others.

Again: You can now use the search bar at the top to search for content in all the rooms and direct messages. Then, Google Meet integration allows you to participate or start a call directly from the chat. Then there are other new features and improvements.

Additional Google Workspace updates have added more options for notification settings in Google Chat and Chat in Gmail.

The new options, Google explained, concern push notifications on desktop and mobile, as well as notification badges on both Chat and Gmail apps.

You can set notification preferences to always, to receive a notification for each message and badges for new messages. Or, you can choose to receive notifications and badges for the direct mentions, @alls and threads followed; in this mode there is also an option to receive a notification for new discussions in the threaded rooms.

Finally, you can disable notifications. In the latter case the user will not receive notifications, but will see a badge if it is mentioned directly.

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