Google presents in Italy, the world’s first country together with France and Turkey, • My Online Enterprise • a new Action on Google Assistant that will allow you to bring your business online without costs and without having specific digital skills

According to a blog post by Fabio Ercolani, Head of Business Marketing by Google Italia, it will be enough to pronounce

Small and medium-sized enterprises and Google opportunities

For small and medium-sized Italian companies, starting a process of digital transformation and developing their online presence has proved vital in order to contain the negative economic effects of the pandemic. Research and purchasing of products and services have increasingly moved online, and for this reason it has become essential for companies of all sizes to be able to enhance their digital activity.

One simple and cost-free way to do this is, for example, through Google My Business, the digital showcase that allows you to show your company, what is produced and what a company offers to customers and prospects.

Looking at Italy, companies that are present on Google My Business with a full activity profile received on average a number of calls of 3.9 times higher than those who have an incomplete profile, while requests for directions and the

Digital tools and skills without cost

According to Fabio Ercolani, technology can help people in their daily lives as well as in their business and work challenges.

For this reason Google makes its resources available to everyone, through training and free tools, making it even closer for those people who do not have digital skills. With the Italia in Digitale project, launched in July 2020, the company offers cost-free tools and training to support Italian people and small and medium-sized enterprises, to help them grow, enhance their online business and acquire new skills thanks to digital.

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