A year ago, the company in Mountain View launched the new Google Analytics 4 with secure privacy solutions to measure customer journey, machine learning to predict results and automate the

Since then, Google has introduced further updates, including improved advertising reporting and support for user consent choices.

Now Big G is releasing new features for Google Analytics, developed to help businesses optimize performance across all their marketing channels.

Search Console provides detailed information on the performance of your website’s organic Search, including site ranking in Google Search results, queries that led to clicks and post-click data such as sessions \enga

With the new integration of Search Console, customers will be able to understand the role organic research plays in driving traffic and involvement on their site, compared to other marketing channels such as ads, emails or social media.

Google data-based attribution models help to improve understanding of how all your marketing activities collectively influence conversions, so as not to overestimate or underestimate a single channel.

Unlike the allocation

The •Data-driven attributes • •Emphasised Google • Improves marketing ROI by helping companies to make more informed decisions about where and

With its use of machine learning, the data-based attribution of Google Analytics 4 is, according to Californian company, a more lasting approach that will give results even when it is difficult to observe conversions.

Finally, Big G is introducing some new modeling features in Google Analytics 4. First with conversion modelling now used in different types of reports to identify the origin of conversions and assign them to the right Google channels and not, such as search ads, emails or paid social.

Secondly, behavioral modelling will soon be supported in reporting. Behavioral modelling uses a machine learning rigorously tested and validated to fill gaps in behavioral data, Google said, such as daily active users or average revenue per user.

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