Cornerstone Technology, a company specialized in the development of solutions for the modernisation and migration of applications, was acquired by Google Cloud.

Through this acquisition, Google intends to better support its customers in migrateing to the cloud their workloads running on mainframes.

Google Cloud explained its interest in society with the fact that Cornerstone offers extensive experience and innovative solutions that help companies modernise their infrastructure and applications, solutions that can now enrich the portfolio of products and services of the hi-tech giant

In Google’s intentions, Cornerstone technologies will form the basis of Google’s mainframe-to-GCP solutions, and will be integrated and delivered through the network of professional services and partners of the Mountain company

Migration from mainframe to cloud environments is still a current requirement for many companies. For decades, Google Cloud points out, companies have relied on a mainframe architecture to manage their mission-critical workloads.

This often prevents developers from taking advantage of new technologies that would allow faster innovation.

Cloud computing is naturally in Google Cloud’s DNA, which considers it an important opportunity to modernise applications and business infrastructure, as well as to improve both functionality and resource allocation, so that the organisation can focus on its own

As the industry increasingly develops applications as a set of services, it highlights Google Cloud, many customers want to split their mainframe… monoliths, or microservices Java programs. This approach to the modernisation of applications is at the heart of Cornerstone’s tool set.

Through the use of automated processes, Cornerstone tools are able to divide Cobol, PL/1 or Assembler programs into services and then make them cloud-native, for example within a managed and containerized environment.

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