The continuation of the pandemic for more than a year has had a significant impact on the business modes of the PMS, which responded by adopting digital and modifying their modus operandi and their business approach: this is what emerges from the latest GoDaddy Observatory.

The study by GoDaddy, conducted by the research firm Kantar, examined some 5,100 small and medium-sized enterprises with a number of employees between 1 and 49, equally distributed between Italy, Germany, France and Spain, with a particular focus on the impact that the pand

The survey reveals that Covid-19 has had a negative impact on the business of most of the companies analysed, although it has accelerated the process of digitization and pushed some companies to look for new models of sale and interaction with customers.

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In Italy 51% of SMEs suffered losses due to the pandemic. We are worse off than France with 54% of SMEs penalized by the crisis, just below Spain with 47%.

Germany, thanks to a more robust economy and a significant industrial presence, has managed to limit the damage.

In fact, in this country 40% of small and medium-sized enterprises have declared zero impact and only 39% have had negative effects.

According to the company, the strategic choices of the Italian SMEs to cope with the current crisis are the theme of cost optimisation.

15% of respondents believe that this is a priority for their business, compared to only 6% and 7% of our European neighbours.

The GoDaddy Observatory also reveals that 46% of Italian SMEs have managed to change their business model and even 20% of the cases have managed to develop new areas. A better percentage than 17% of Germany and 14% of France. Businesses have implemented new products and services to respond to the economic crisis. By expanding its technological skills and increasing the use of digital solutions.

L’Ecommerce is the Italian SMEs’ response to the crisis

Good, according to the GoDaddy Observatory, the response in the segment of online commerce. 34% of the small Italian companies that participated in the survey use their social channels to promote their products and services online. Only 12% of small companies rely on marketplaces.

This is a recent trend, one third of the companies under consideration have in fact started selling online in the last two years.

Under the pressure of the pandemic 13% of small Italian companies have opened or further developed their ecommerce or their online sales channels, compared with 7% of Germany and 8% of France, and with Spain which settles at 12%.

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