For the Italian SMEs, the last 2 years have been among the most complex ever lived, in which digital transformation has become not an option but an absolute necessity. Digitally evolving your business model has been, for many realities, the only way to survive when traditional tools have become in fact insufficient or unusable.

The advanced access to the web, both as a communication tool and as an ecommerce, is undoubtedly one of the main tools of the new digital way of small and medium-sized enterprises. We chose to talk to Gianluca Stamerra, Senior Director, Southern Europe, GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is a consolidated and growing reality. What challenges did you face during the pandemic, and what projects do you have for the post-Covid economy?

According to the manager, GoDaddy is today the largest provider of web hosting and web services in the world, with about 20 million customers worldwide, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. The pandemic has had significant effects on the business of many companies, going to modify in some cases their own DNA. Some companies have even managed to react proactively to the emerging situation, coming to understand the infinite potential of digital.

The Italian market has always been very particular, also because of the huge number of SMEs that constitute the productive backbone of the country. What tools do you propose for these companies, often very small but not less demanding and struggling with digital transformation?

According to the latest Istat census in Italy there are about 4.4 million active companies that overall employ about 7.5 million people.

It is one of the most important economic sectors of our country, which generates about 41% of the entire turnover from the companies in Italy.

This sector, which is fundamental for the country system, has been put under check by the crisis by the health emergency of the Covid-19. Read more Stamerra, › we have witnessed in the last year a deep acceleration of the use of digital tools at To help these small businesses, often not very practical with digital tools, according to Gianluca Stamerra, GoDaddy moves mainly on three fronts.

Through a series of products and services that can help small businesses to better position their online business. With GoDaddy’s Website Builder, for example, we can help small businesses create their own website and place it on the main search engines like Google, c by automatically checking it and adding key words and phrases relevant to their business and to high

With the advice, we have a call center in Italian open Monday to Friday, which offers technical support to entrepreneurs on any need.

With training, through targeted initiatives, such as GoDaddy School of Digital or GoDaddy Talks, which aim to help entrepreneurs increase their digital skills, especially in areas that sometimes do not dominate perfectly.

The shortage skill is a global phenomenon but particularly affected by small and medium-sized enterprises. Few of them have sufficient digital skills to address the global digital market and its complexity. How does GoDaddy support its customers and how does it support them with training processes?

When we think of small Italian companies we think of artisans, traders, small entrepreneurs from the world of catering or commerce, people who have transformed a passion into a business and therefore do not necessarily have the specific skills to use digital tools strategically and targetedly. ♪ Just to help these people grow their business through digital, we created the School of Digital ♪ ♪ Stamerra says. It is a series of free meetings designed to offer them, on the one hand, the technological tools and digital skills needed for their online business, on the other hand, training and consulting on general business issues by our experts. The ultimate aim is to help these people minimize the risks to their business and at the same time speed up learning times with digital use.

What are GoDaddy’s projects and strategies in Italy, even in light of the forthcoming implementation of the PNRR?

As mentioned earlier, Covid has led to a greater penetration of digital instruments into the everyday life of Italians. In fact, we have seen a very rapid acceleration of digital technology over the last few months, although with different tools and methods, depending on the business. Many small business entities have approached this tool for the first time: they have opened an e-commerce site, used social media to stay in touch with customers, have experienced digital marketing activities and much more. The leap in terms of digitisation that these realities are making, although they do not have specific digital skills within them, is really important.

Godaddy is constantly introducing more immediate innovations, which are easily accessible by entrepreneurs, to help them strengthen their ecommerce, to place their website, in a context that will become increasingly competitive. In this regard, the company recently launched GoDaddy Studio, an app that allows small businesses to create attractive content to promote their business on both social media and the web in general.

The PNRR provides for large investments in digitalisation of the country, a step that will increase the use of the devices and strategies we have discussed before. In addition to offering these services, it will be of primary importance to accompany entrepreneurs on this new journey and this is the new challenge that GoDaddy has set itself.

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