Google has started the process to make emails more dynamic and interactive in Gmail. With emails that can stay up to date with the latest information. And that allow you to engage directly in the content of the message itself.

The announcement comes through a blog post by Aakash Sahney, Product Manager of Gmail. In the post, Aakash Sahney also shares some thoughts on this evolution of the email. Over the past ten years, he writes, web experiences have changed enormously, from static content to interactive apps.

Yet the email has remained essentially unchanged, with static messages whose content may become no longer up to date. Or simply a springboard to carry out a more complex task. To perform an action, you usually have to click on a link, open a new tab and visit another website.

In Gmail, messages become as websites

Google is going to change this scenario……. and littleinteractive of the email. With Gmail, emails can stay up to date so that you can always view the latest information. And they will allow you to perform actions directly from the message itself. Actions such as: confirm your participation in an event, fill out a questionnaire, browse a catalog or respond to a comment.

The Mountain View company gives an example of comments in Google Documents. Instead of receiving individual email notifications when someone mentions us in a comment, you will be able to see an updated thread in Gmail. A thread in which the user can easily respond or resolve the comment directly from the message.

Some companies have already started using dynamic emails to make their emails more interactive and relevant. Among these, for example,, Despegar, Doodle, Ecwid, Freshworks, Nexxt, OYO Rooms, Pinterest and redBus.

For example, Pinterest made it easier to add images to the boards. Or, with a dynamic Doodle email, the user can reply to the meeting without having to open another website.

Anyone wishing to send dynamic emails will be reviewed by Gmail before they can start. This link is available on Google’s page where you need to register.

Gmail and AMP

Gmail’s dynamic and interactive emails undoubtedly have enormous potential. On the other hand, potentially they also represent a further door that could become attractive for those who are looking for personal information and access routes, with malicious intentions. And therefore, if necessary, raise questions about privacy and security.

Dynamic emails are based on AMP for Email, which allows you to include AMP components within emails. This dynamic format is in turn a subset of HTML AMP components to be used in email messages. This subset of AMP HTML allows recipients of AMP emails to interact dynamically with content directly in the message.

AMP is a web technology developed by Google. Although the project is open source, many people fear that Google can use it to shape the standards on which the web is based. In addition, there is also a risk of fragmentation in an area, that of email, where at the moment there is a broad and consolidated compatibility between clients. So let’s imagine that not everyone will appreciate this Google leap forward.

On the other hand, Microsoft also announced that it will introduce support for AMP HTML in Initially as a preview, which should be ready by summer 2019. Microsoft will then carefully analyse feedback from both users and partners. More information is available at this link. And support for AMP HTML was also announced for Yahoo Mail and Mail.Ru.

The Google platform

As for Google, the company announced that the roll out of dynamic emails for Gmail users on the web has already started. It should be here soon, still informs Big G, even mobile support. G Suite customers will have the opportunity to enable dynamic email for their company in the administration console in the coming days. Those who use another Gmail mail app will simply display the static version of the email.

The developers concerned can find all the information about AMP on the project site, at this link.

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