For many, gamification is a good method to collect data and insights. It is also true for Glickon, an Italian company that is at the forefront of the people analytics segment, which we can understand as the future of HR.

Glyckon, in essence, uses gamification techniques to generate engagement and then collect data and insights. With these infos in hand, the analysis process that HR needs begins.

Objective: change the recruiting

Glickon is a Srl founded in Milan in 2014. The top management consists of four founders: Filippo Negri, CEO, Matteo Corte, CFO, Davide Griffon, CTO, Matteo Bersanelli, Data Scientist. At the moment the entire team is composed of 18 people, including developers, sales, marketers, customer success team, designers. From business angels has received a funding from 800 thousand -1 million euros

It all starts in 2013 with an idea: revolutionizing the world of recruiting.

As frustrating, long and boring in Glickon they imagined it this way: funny, fast and effective. It is based on data analysis. A challenge in which both people and the company would win in search of the best skills.

What happens next? That in Glickon they understand that even on the employees there was the need to create an engagement system able to collect data and insights, useful to improve their experience within the company and usable by HR professionals, who need a complete, clear picture

Thus, the four solutions of the Milanese company, which are used as Software as a service, have been developed with annual contract (the price varies depending on the platforms).

Glickon Employee Experience is the product designed for HR professionals who want to hire, measure and understand the experience of people working in the company. A modular solution, immediate and accessible from any device. In practice, a dashboard from which to activate employee engagement, thanks to gamification, access in real time the results and build action plans, for individuals and teams.

Glickon Candidate Experience: it is for those who are involved in recruiting and talent acquisition. Improve the entire experience of candidates, verify skills through the game and discover who are the talents that will become part of the company, thanks to the algorithms on the platform, able to create a matching between skills, quizzes results and work position.

GlickonX aims to make it possible to get the best from people thanks to data, assuming that employees are the real competitive advantage available to companies. It is a People Analytics software that can analyze business data, such as those from internal communication and collaboration tools (email, calendar, chat) and simulate scenarios through the use of predictive algorithms. It serves to broaden the perspective, confirming or modifying action plans and strategic choices that make the real difference in the success of a company.

Among the analyses carried out:

ONA, Organizational Network Analysis

Diversity & Inclusion

High Potential Employee


Sentiment Analysis


Glickon Live is the tool designed to make the events (corporate training, career day, job meeting) of interactive games-shows, with the aim of increasing the engagement of the audience and collecting data. Live is the gaming platform dedicated to events, useful to discover potential, skills and measure your audience’s performance.

For Glickon, the goal to be achieved is to make the work that people perform every day, with data, but also healthy fun.

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