Launched in beta version at the beginning of the year, it is now out of the test phase GitHub CLI 1.0, the tool that brings GitHub to the terminal command line and that helps developers reduce switches between different contexts

Since the release of the beta version, the GitHub team has announced, users have created over 250,000 pull request, run over 350,000 merges and created over 20,000 issues with GitHub CLI.

After the long beta test period, where the development team received numerous feedback comments from early adopters, GitHub CLI 1.0 is no longer in beta and is available for download on Windows, but

GitHub CLI 1.0 allows developers to: run the entire GitHub workflow from terminal, issues to releases; call the GitHub API to run scripts for almost all actions and set a custom

In fact, you can use the GitHub CLI with the repositories hosted on GitHub Enterprise Server 2.20+. This, the platform development team emphasized, has been the most frequent request from users since the beta of the tool was announced.

And, of course, this is not over. The development team will continue to work with the community that has already offered significant contributions to the finalization of the tool, in order to constantly improve GitHub CLI. There are already several features planned for future versions of the tool, including support for editing issues and pull requests and adding comments.

To improve and enrich the tool, GitHub continues to value feedback and contributions from the developer community.

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