The Code of Conduct prepared by the National Association of Commercial Information and Credit Management (Ancic) has been approved by the Privacy Supervisor after a complex process.

Among the approved measures are increased protection of the persons registered, the data protection impact assessment, adaptation to the best European practices, a new monitoring body on companies that are members of the Code.

The text replaces and updates the old Code of Conduct on Commercial Information, which will remain in force until 19 September 2019.

It will help companies in the sector to adapt to the EU Data Protection Regulation and the Italian legislation, as amended at the end of 2018.

The Code of Conduct of the Ancic applies the principle of responsibility strongly supported in the Gdpr, the so-called accountability.

Responsibility requires professional associations and businesses to apply the regulatory rules on commercial information in a conscious, transparent and effective manner.

New features of the new code

With the new text, companies offering commercial information of reliability regarding entrepreneurs and managers will be able to process the personal data of the individuals registered without requiring consent, based on legitimate interest, but will also have to guarantee greater protection to the interested parties, informing them correctly about the treatments carried out and

Among the other innovations introduced is the one concerning the participating suppliers, who will have to operate according to a risk-based approach, adopting technical, computer, procedural, physical and organizational measures useful to prevent or minimize the risks of destruction, loss, modification and unauthorised disclosure or access to personal

Each supplier will also have to undertake to comply with the guidelines, recommendations and best practices adopted by the European Data Protection Committee (EDPB), a body that brings together all European warranties, or other relevant sector authorities, and when required to appoint a responsible for the

An independent Monitoring Body (Odm) will also be established, outside the Ancic, composed of subjects chosen according to the criteria of good repute, autonomy, independence and professionalism provided for by the EU Regulation and detailed in the recently approved European Guidelines.

The Odm will have to verify compliance with the code of conduct by its members and manage the resolution of complaints.

The Privacy Authority announces that it has approved the code of conduct, but has made it subject to the effectiveness of the code of conduct to the completion of the accreditation phase of the Monitoring Body, as provided for by the EU Privacy Regulation.

To do so, it will be necessary to wait until the work is completed within the Edpb for the establishment of uniform accreditation criteria.

The Privacy Authority also recalls that compliance with the new Code of Conduct may serve to demonstrate compliance with the rules of the processing of personal data carried out by them.

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