A new research published by the English website Finbold (meaning finance in bold, prominent financial world) aims to reveal which countries in Europe are most in breach of the GDPR guidelines, as well as to bring to light the overall GDPR fines of EU countries from the beginning

It does so more than two years after the GDPR was implemented in the EU and the homogeneous area of the European Economic Area, and it does so by showing data of fines and penalties imposed by national data protection authorities in the EU and the EU, and by the EU Member States.

This is a not complete database, for admission of the same administrators, but that constitutes a good basis of departure to observe the phenomenon of fines under the GDPR.

Fines are imposed for various reasons, which are attributable to the non-compliance with certain articles of the GDPR: insufficient legal basis for data processing; insufficient compliance with the rights of data subjects; insufficient technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of information; non-compliance with general principles

How much does the GDPR cost to Europe

60,181,250 euro is the total of fines for violation of the GDPR rules imposed in the EU countries from the beginning of the year to 17 August 2020.

The most common breach of the GDPR is that concerning the insufficient legal basis for data processing.

The country with the largest number of violations of the GDPR is Spain, where 76 fines were imposed.

But Italy is the country with the highest total value: fines were imposed for 45.6 million euros.

Scrolling through the database of Enforcement Tracker we discover that the most important sanctions in terms of high financial value by the Italian Guarantor are those concerning the operators of tlc (Tim, Wind three and Iliad), but are also involved companies for shares, util

Overall this year the Italian Authority has imposed 23 fines.

Below is the ranking of the first ten fines of the year, as highlighted by the Finbold website (which mistakenly associates Sweden with the Swiss flag symbol).

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