Following a substantial growth, the French startup Emeraude Escape, specialized in the design of gamification solutions tailored to companies, accelerates its international expansion with an Italian presence.

The company founded by Virgile Loisance in 2018 experienced an average annual growth of 400% thanks to the increased diffusion of smart working and social distance measures, which forced many companies to seek more creative formulas and solutions to interact with their own

According to Emeraude Escape’s data, which relate to more than 5,000 employees in various companies, the gameification allows to keep the attention for a long period of time, strengthen the links between colleagues and increase the commitment to the company.

For Emeraude Escape gamification means that instead of passively reading or listening online people are actively involved, at home or at the office, alone or in the team, using a smartphone or computer, trying to solve puzzles and challenges

Gamification in smart working

Microsoft, HP, Martini, Hermès, Lancôme, Nespresso and Colgate are some of the companies that have benefited from the gamification solutions of the French company.

Virgile Loisance explains that when a company launches an Escape Room, the increase in the participation rate is about 600% more than the previous instruments used. The data shows that online games have become one of the best solutions to strengthen corporate culture among employees, even more so if in smart working.

The digital games of Emeraude Escape currently allow for simultaneous online play of up to 200,000 people in different languages and countries, benefiting from a technology that ensures the security of information of participants and companies, as each project meets the highest standards in terms of protection of the

Florian Russo is the manager of Emeraude Escape in Italy, and in a note he says that  since we started to offer our services in Italy two months ago we found a huge interest, with an average of two requests We are considering, once the health crisis is over, opening offices in Milan.

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