Gamification and social media are Anas’ two order words for his communication on digital marketing.

With the payoff , No influencer was mistreated, combined with the teasing video of #GuidaTu, Anas has in fact started a digital activity aimed at enhancing the Italian territory and in

The reference went to an influencer, the Italian travel blogger Mentenomade, who was faced with a journey between some places in Italy.

An unusual experience for those who are used to organizing and planning trips, as each stage, including the final destination, was decided by users through a 360° engagement dynamic on the Instagram account of Anas (@stradeanas).

A journey through the ten thematic itineraries designed by Anas to enhance the regions of Southern Italy, started by the Castle of Arechi di Salerno and finished at the Castle of Scilla.

A trip that has told in particular the Via dei castelli, the Via dei Parchi and the Via del Mare.

Users also granted the influencer a break at the Pollino Park, on the route to the Castle of Cosenza.

This happened before the crash of Instagram registered all over Europe, which Anas’s digital team has contrasted by temporarily moving communication on Twitter to stall and ride the trending topic #InstagramDown

There were four choices of users: the Certosa di San Lorenzo, the Castle of Cosenza, the Castle of Pizzo and the Castle of Scilla.

Gamification for message

Through the involvement of travel blogger Anas has managed to send important messages for the valorization of the territory, aiming to convince those who often choose distant and exotic destinations that exciting trips can be made in Italy.

A journey accompanied by music chosen by users and meetings with the cantonists, that is the staff of Anas who has in trust the daily maintenance of the Italian roads.

A digital activation that made users play and that made Mentenomade the protagonist of the whole day.

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