Google has announced a major novelty regarding the G Suite, its cloud-based productivity suite: the main collaboration tools, i.e. video, email, chat, files and activities, are now being brought together in a single workspace within G

The latest updates have been presented on Google’s official blog, in a post by Javier Soltero, G Suite’s Vice President & GM.

When Google examined ways to deepen the integration between the three key pillars of communication , chat and video , Javier Solter

To allow users to easily participate in video conferencing directly from Inbox, Google introduced Meet in Gmail on the web, Android and iOS. Last month he also brought Google Chat to Gmail on the web, to communicate more smoothly, without interruptions due to the switch between tabs. Soon, announces Google now, Chat will join Gmail on Android and iOS.

Google is also improving collaboration capabilities in chat rooms, adding files and shared activities and making the rooms an even better solution for long-term projects. With quick access to shared chat, important documents and things to do in one place, it is easier for all members of a group to stay synchronized. In addition, Chat allows you to create rooms that include people outside your company.

To make Google Chat rooms even more useful, collaboration in real time has been enhanced with the possibility to open and edit a document jointly with your team, without leaving Gmail. So, for example, you can chat about the changes we are making to a document in real time or assign a new task without switching from one screen to the other.

This new integrated workspace, then underlines Google, also allows you to easily access your favorite third-party apps, including DocuSign, Salesforce and Trello, so you can receive updates and take action in any kind of conversation, through G

The transition from one app to the other interrupts workflow and concentration: for this reason, Google has sought new ways in the new integrated experience to help people work more smoothly.

For example, you can quickly join a video call from a chat, forward a chat message to the incoming mail, create a task from a chat message: everything connects in a way that simplifies the management of the workflow and allows you to

Also, since finding what you need quickly is crucial to productivity, Gmail’s search capabilities have also been expanded to include chat, to make it easier to find everything in one place.

In the coming weeks, the Mountain View company will then implement new security features for Google Meet, which will offer hosts even more control over meetings, for example those who can participate or collaborate within them.

In addition to this, the anti-phishing protections developed for Gmail will be extended to Google Chat. For example, if a user clicks on a link in Chat, it will be scanned in real time and marked if malicious content is detected.

In the future, Javier Soltero concludes, the integrated workspace of the G Suite of Google will expand further, with features such as: Picture-in-Picture video calls directly in Gmail; Goo integration

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