Now in its seventh year, the FutureBrand Index is a global perception study that reviews the position of the Top 100 companies by capitalization compiled annually by PwC, reorganizing them according to the strength with which they are perceived rather than their financial strength.

The study involves a sample of over 3,000 professionals worldwide, experts at various levels of at least 7 of the 100 companies in the standings in the current year. Today, it is first and foremost the provision for innovation and commitment to the well-being of those companies to impact on their perception.

The 2021 results of the FutureBrand Index reveal drastic changes in the perception of companies since the beginning of the pandemic.

FutureBrand Index methodology FutureBrand Index is a study on global perception that rearranges the first 100 companies by market capitalisation of PwC based on the strength of their perception rather than their financial strength. Using 18 indicators that, based on FutureBrand’s experience, provide the most relevant success signals (including…purpose and experience) the ranking is determined by precise parameters. This year’s research took place between 27 April and 12 May 2021.

Apple is the only one to retain its place among the Top Five brands, followed by ASML, Prosus NV, Danaher and Nextra Energy.

The success of Tech and Healthcare companies registered since 2021 highlights the widespread need for connection and the desire to improve the quality of life.

Tech and healthcare

This year’s FutureBrand Index shows how companies that see their perceptions grow are the ones that give priority to innovation that can have a positive impact on people’s well-being and trigger significant changes. This results in a huge opportunity for companies to create platforms and infrastructures through which human life can thrive and aim for the future.

The technology sector dominates the FutureBrand Index with 3 companies among the top 5 brands: ASML, Apple and Prosus NV, while the healthcare sector continues to grow with Pfizer and United Health Group pushed forward by the pandemic. In a year of uncertainty and crisis feeling good and enjoying simple and immediate pleasures was crucial for consumers: luxury brands like Apple and LVMH capitalized on this aspect, but Amazon and P&G also did so. And B2 companies

Technology: three of the top 5 brands in the uphill 2021 edition come from this sector. However, apart from Apple, consumer technology brands have lost positions in the FutureBrand Index, while companies that play a key role behind the scenes of technology and on which we rely have climbed positions. This is probably due to their response to the pandemic and the need for companies and technology economies to survive lockdown and forty

Consumer: LVMH benefited from the increase in consumer spending on luxury goods and online shopping, rising by 29 positions in the Index. Consumer goods and services that rely on physical retail obviously suffered during the pandemic: Walmart lost 34 positions and McDonalds 32.

Consumer goods: Basic consumer goods have benefited from lockdowns: PepsiCo and P&G have the best performance in the category with 24 and 22 positions respectively. As in previous years, the ‘pleace’ remains the most relevant attribute of this category, the thing is not surprising in a year when our sources of pleasure have remained confined to our four domestic walls.

Healthcare: Healthcare companies have continued to follow the positive trend of the FutureBrand Index 2020, today they are perceived as indispensable for the innovation that will guide us in the future. Pfizer gains 15 positions thanks to the success of the vaccine and the global awareness of the role played by pharmaceutical companies in ensuring our ability to operate in a post-pandemic company.

Financial services: the industry has achieved the highest score since 2014, is the consequence of the growing need to rely on financial institutions when work and activities falter, incomes implode and jobs contract.

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