Javed Khan, Senior Vice President and General Manager Cisco Collaboration announces this with a blog post: Involve will be part of the Cisco Webex offer.

A new hybrid world in which to be able to collaborate and remain connected is becoming increasingly important.

♪ Just like corporate leaders and employees, teachers, students and parents have also realized that it is not necessary to be together in person to connect, collaborate and complete things ♪ ♪ Says Khan. Webex is the Cisco platform that allows you to connect where and when you need it.

• In recent months, we have seen that hybrid learning is an effective way to connect teachers, students and parents • • • • • • • • • • • • •

To provide a more effective experience in both work and study in this new hybrid future, Cisco announces the intention to acquire Involvio LLC, a software company in New York specialized in student platforms.

Involvio offers a suite of educational products that allow universities to improve their experience, involvement and participation.

The Involvio team has assisted Cisco in the design of Webex Education Connector, a solution that safely integrates Webex collaboration capabilities into learning management systems.

Inviato was one of the first companies to adopt Webex’s open APIs and SDKs, and its integrations are among the fastest growing and most used in the Webex ecosystem.

• The acquisition, together with the knowledge of our developer tools by the Involve team, will allow us to improve our offer for the world of education as well as the vertical solutions we offer, while promoting the adoption of the open platform Web

In addition to recent acquisitions of Slido, Partner, IMI and Babblelabs, the acquisition of Involvio is another part of Cisco’s strategy to develop personalized experiences.

• We plan to complete the acquisition and welcome the team of Involvio in Cisco during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2021 • ends Khan.

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