Fujitsu has presented new and flexible solutions designed to meet the growing needs of today’s offices and homes: the ultra-mobile high-performance Lifebook U9311A, based on AMD and the 10th generation of Fujit displays

In our country, all Fujitsu products are distributed by Finix Technology Solutions, an exclusive partner for Fujitsu Italy.

Fujitsu, 10th Generation Displays

Sharing workspaces has become normal, as witnessed by hot desks in offices and schools and by the domestic stations used by several members of the same family. As a result, users expect their devices to meet a wide variety of needs. With video conferencing, which has become a fundamental part of today’s professional and personal life, a display that wants to deserve its place on a shared desk must be able to guarantee superb ergonomic features, advanced features and high-level performance.

The 10th generation 60.5 cm Fujitsu displays have been designed to provide user convenience and convenience, combining a human-centric design with high performance. The 1920 x1080 pixel display with integrated webcam ensures high image quality during video calls, while the reduced blue light panel and the integrated sensor for automatic brightness change protects from eye fatigue users who need to be

The Full HD camera with its mechanical lens cover supports the face recognition technology of Windows Hello, allowing users to login and start working immediately, without having to remember or type any password. The display automatically hangs as soon as it realizes that the user is no longer in front of the screen, while the DisplayView software provided as a complement facilitates the configuration of the monitor for remote management.

The built-in port replicator transforms the Fujitsu display into a real hub for the workstation, allowing multiple users to share the same space to easily access all peripherals (such as printers and scanners), or connect external devices through a single US cable The innovative hub on the right side also improves ergonomics and delivers 95W power to external devices, for a very fast transmission of voice, video and data.

Attention to the environment

The 24′′ models are the first displays in the world to have obtained the TCO 9.0, a new milestone in terms of social and environmental responsibility, respecting the supply chain objectives, such as the packaging in full cardboard, composed of 90% recycled material.

Fujitsu Lifebook U9311A

Dedicated to users who prefer to work away from their desk, the latest model added by Fujitsu to its range of notebooks is the Lifebook U9311A. This ultra-mobile, competitively priced notebook, available exclusively through Fujitsu Select (Finix Technology Solution in Italy) channel partners, is based on Amd processors up to Ryzen 7 and is equipped with a Am graphics chip

For maximum comfort and portability, the new Lifebook U9311A weighs only 885g, has a thin profile of 15.5mm and a battery capable of guaranteeing autonomy for a full day of work. The Full HD anti-reflective display provides a valuable visual experience, thanks to the thin frame and ultra-compact webcam.

Complete the functionality of Fujitsu’s new product with security solutions, such as facial recognition with Windows Hello through the HD infrared camera integrated into the notebook.


Fujitsu displays are already available to order in Italy at Finix Technology Solutions in the marble grey versions (P2410 WE CAM) and black (P2410 TS CAM). The Lifebook U9311A notebook is also available on order, always at Finix. Prices depend on the configuration and country.

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