is a cloud-based platform for review and collaboration in video production, the purpose of which is to remove time and distance barriers for creators working in this area, so that they can always stay connected with their team and

The company, headquartered in New York, was founded in 2015 and over the course of these six years has been constantly working to improve the way directors, technicians and creatives collaborate.

The first objective was to simplify the editorial review process, allowing post-production teams to collaborate remotely, anywhere in the world. There are now, the company stresses, over a million creatives using as a hub for their post-production workflow. was therefore ready to face the next great challenge, represented by the process that allows to bring video footage from sets and stages to offsite reviewers, and to transfer them to post-production without the delay caused by the shipment of physical media.

To meet this need, the company announced its new product Camera to Cloud. Camera to Cloud (C2C) is a secure service that allows you to instantly upload and transmit images from the cameras on the set to creative teams around the world. This allows completely new collaborative workflows and reduces the time needed to create content, from a physical workflow to a completely digital one.

To optimize the C2C production process, has collaborated with some of the industry’s leading hardware and software developers. This technology uses current LTE and WiFi networks to transmit directly to the H.264 low bandwidth and high quality proxy cloud with matching timecodes and metadata. Once the 5G becomes more omnipresent, users will also be able to load the original camera files at full resolution in just as easy.

More than ten cameras are already compatible with C2C, informs, of companies such as RED, ARRI and Sony available through suppliers such as Panavision and AbelCine, and others are coming. Connecting the camera to the Teradek Cube 655 and authenticating it in allows you to transmit proxy to anyone outside the set for viewing on computers, iPhone, iPad, and receive them in their tools for editing

As for sound, recording with the Scorpio Sound Devices field recorders and 888 can load uncompressed audio files that contain the same timecode and scene/replay numbers as the video.

The third partnership is with Colorfront, whose latest version of the Express Dailies post-production system is cloud-based and with which digital imaging technicians can send proxy logs directly to Colorfront to be classified, transcoded and

All this is done in the cloud and with integration, without having to wait for a disk or card.

The platform also integrates easily with the video production tools that the team already uses and its Cloud Devices API offers almost unlimited freedom to optimize and customize their workflow. The company provides in-depth documentation, along with reference implementations in C++, Python and Go to start their integrations so that they can connect the set to the cloud.

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