Business management and post-risk balance are at the centre of the twelfth Budget Forum, an annual event organized by Wolters Kluwer in collaboration with Andaf dedicated to financial sector professionals, to be held on Wednesday, March 3 starting at 2 pm, in live.

With university teachers and experts in the field will be deepened some of the topics of the most topical of the field.

In fact, the 2021 Budget Law, the “impairment test” will be discussed in the light of the fallback of the pandemic from Covid-19; the effects in the OIC and IFRS balance sheets of moratories and the renegotiatations of debts, leasing

The Forum will be an opportunity to analyse and interpret the regulatory tools available for business continuity in the presence of significant losses.

A session will also be dedicated to B-Corp and Benefit Companies with analysis of the new regulations and UN 2030 agenda.

The afternoon of work will conclude with the round table •Budget and budget on national and international tax •.

With the Wolters Kluwer Budget Forum, it wants to support professionals, creating a moment of discussion on the most current and most important issues that they face every day, as well as supporting them with their innovative solutions dedicated to the sector, such as One Fiscale and Genya Budget

One Fiscale is the digital solution for tax professionals that exceeds the concept of the traditional database and provides the answers to make the daily activity of the professional more efficient: from regulatory updates to bureaucratic requirements, from insights into issues of interest to the solution of specific problems that the

The platform was designed and developed by an Italian team in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer’s Research and Development department and stands out for its completeness of content and for its very product design.

Genya Budget is the solution of the Genya ecosystem dedicated to professionals and companies that process internal budgets. The cloud solution allows you to draw up annual, interim, simulated or extraordinary operating balances with guided workflows, automatically producing all the necessary documentation. Genya Budget supports the classic capabilities related to fulfillment, tools of Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and remote collaboration that can be used also in mobility, on every support and with advanced tools.

The forum program is accredited for continuing vocational training by the Order of Accountants and Accountants.

To register: [email protected]

Those who complete the subscription will receive an email with details to access the live streaming.

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