Flowite is a writing tool enhanced by artificial intelligence designed to allow the user to easily convert thoughts into emails, messages, posts and other content written on the web.

The development team has thought of this for those whose work depends on effective written communication.

Flowite is a browser extension that recognizes the context of the website and is able to transform word sequences, short sentences and list points into any short text you want.

This tool lets you write some short sentences that act as Flowite instructions on what you are going to communicate. Then just click the button, and Flowite automatically creates a unique email or message based on the user’s instructions.

One of the most common cases of use of the instrument is to achieve the

Flowite saves time and writes faster with the ability to turn instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages. Not only that: it allows you to overcome the blank page block and find the right words for every occasion.

It also allows you to set the right tone and communicate with greater confidence, allowing the automatic tool to manage formatting, spelling and grammar.

The extension for Chrome by Flowite helps to be more productive on sites often used for work, such as Gmail, LinkedIn and Slack.

The tool also offers a library of smart templates designed for the most common types of email messages, based on roles and teams of different types. And you can also create your own smart templates.

Flowite is currently in beta, and on the website of Flowite you can make request for access.

The first iteration of Flowrite was launched in September last year after its founders had discovered the revolutionary GPT-3 language model of OpenAI, at the time also in private beta.

In fact, Flowite knows what to write thanks to artificial intelligence technology and GPT-3 language model.

The updates and improvements of the tool by its development team arrive constantly, with almost monthly frequency. For now, however, Flowite only supports English.

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