The Seamless Air Alliance was founded by five companies (Airbus, Airtel, Delta Air Lines, OneWeb and Sprint), to which more will soon be added, as stated by the founders.

The aim of the Seamless Air Alliance is to accelerate the introduction of technologies on board airplanes that can allow passengers to use their connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatch, Io devices

The aim is therefore to achieve the result of offering passengers an experience of Internet connectivity in flight, which is simple, fluid, rewarding and seamless.

Some passages have already been implemented, but now the Seamless Air Alliance has announced what could be a new milestone in bringing the Internet connection, safely, to the skies around the world.

The association has in fact published what is described as the first absolute standard for in-flight connectivity.

Developed in collaboration with experts in the sector of companies participating in the Seamless Air Alliance, Seamless Release 1.0, this is the name of the standard, abbreviated also in SR1, and is the only Modular Platform Archite according to the promoters.

Using a modular structure based on open interfaces, the Alliance explains, the system allows for the rapid adoption of new technologies without the need for customization or the complete replacement of equipment on the aircraft or the fleet.

The Seamless Release 1.0 standard therefore enables long-term technical flexibility for airlines, while providing a secure and easy-to-access service for passengers, opening doors to unbroken roaming with mobile network operators.

Seamless Release 1.0, still explain the promoters, includes a complete set of unique and verifiable requirements for airlines, to be used for the development of sourcing requests. In addition to saving the airline time and money, which would have been necessary to develop these requirements, standards eliminate the risk of trying to predict how future developments will impact on the choice of systems.

In addition to the same standard, available for members, the Seamless Air Alliance has also published a white paper presenting an introduction to the SR1.

More information is available on the Seamless Air Alliance website.

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