Every car rental company knows that car theft is a critical issue to be faced with decisively. The damage caused cannot be underestimated: they risk to have a critical impact on the value of corporate assets, even threatening the overall business, due to operating blocks and difficulties in serving customers with the usual quality standards.

According to Pasquale Zanfini, Head of Operations of Targa Telematics is now clear how, to address this problem, an occasional approach, linked to individual episodes, is no longer sufficient.

Operators are increasingly looking for a strategic vision, which helps them to act smoothly and allows them to integrate the recovery of cars into the overall management of their fleet.

Car theft is a structural phenomenon and more and more current despite the emergency health, therefore intended, if not properly managed now, to expand again in the coming years.

Car theft in filming

According to a report by Targa Telematics, which supports most of the major car hire operators, despite the number of thefts linked to short and long term rentals fell by 65% in the period March/April compared to 2019, since June, the number of car rentals has In fact, in the first nine months of 2020 there is a total reduction of 30% of theft compared to the same period of the previous year.

However, tools exist and, thanks to digital, they are achieving very high levels of effectiveness. For this reason, charterers are increasingly relying on digital transformation and technologies such as Internet of Things, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, particularly suited to act in an integrated way on vehicle tracking and real-time analysis

Cloud-enabled tools, which is the virtual environment that allows these technologies to interact and talk to each other.

Through the Stolen Vehicle Recovery systems, in fact, it is now possible to make available to the car hire operators of the Operating Power plants in continuous mode, which monitor and analyze in real time the data of vehicles and risk areas,

Recovery rates, says Zanfini, are significant. To cite a concrete example, the most advanced solution of Stolen Vehicle Recovery by Targa Telematics has enabled, in the first nine months of 2020, to recover more than 90% of short-term rental vehicles on behalf of customers. In addition, the five-year collaboration with Hertz Italia has allowed the charterer to optimize the operational processes of fleet management and the insurance costs incurred, as well as to increase the recovery index of stolen cars, generating a return on investment (ROI) of 70% in the

In short, the automotive sector is at the centre of a major transformation and is undergoing very significant structural changes. In this context, digital and loT will be key to the design of mobility for the future.

Technology, analysis of the behaviour of the individual car, assessment of the context in which it is used and comparison of the data intercepted from the IoT will be key elements for any fleet company in the coming years. The ability to extract value from collected data will allow players to take advantage of smart mobility solution that is increasingly efficient and innovative for fleet monitoring, ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles, confirming strategic the role of connectivity services in the car market.

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