Smart virtual assistants are the butlers of the digital era, and one of the most popular among them, is Google Assistant.

Assistant Google can perform a long series of actions, which can be easily activated with voice commands. Google’s voice assistant is present on compatible smartphones and smart speakers. It can control apps, services and connected devices of the smart home. Let us see some examples.


For a few days, thanks to Google Assistant we can talk to Esselunga for shopping. We can use all compatible devices: smartphones, Android and iOS tablets and Google Home and Google Mini smart speakers.

Esselunga customers can fill out their shopping list through Google’s intelligent virtual assistant. Just call the Essunga app with OK Google, talk to Essunga, so that Assistant Google starts taking notes. At this point, you can dictate your list with simple voice commands.

You can add the desired products, indicate the quantity you need and be also notified if a product has already been added. The lists are then available on the website and on the Esselunga apps. They are ready at any time to shop in the shop or through the e-commerce service. You may also ask Google Assistant to list the products already present in each of the lists.

Insuranced entertainment

With the help of Google Assistant, just a voice command to control Chromecast devices. We can therefore stream our favorite films and music without any effort.

Google Home and Google Home Mini are smart speakers to which we can ask you to play a little jazz. But we can also ask, for example, to play a movie from Netflix through Chromecast. Whatever show we’re planning for the evening, it’s a sentence away.

Check your TIM phone credit

TIM recently activated a voice channel with customers integrated with the Google platform. Through this digital support channel we can use Google Assistant to ask for various things related to our Google contract.

Once you have given the voice command OK Google, speak to TIM, the assistance of the telephone operator is ready to listen to us. We can ask for various information, for example know our credit.

Request balance of the current account

Banca Sella has activated a voice banking service that allows you to keep your accounts and cards under control. By integrating the Google Assistant function and Google smart devices, we can interact with the command “Speak with Sella.”

Through voice interaction, we can perform several actions. Ask for the balance of the current account and the last five movements of the current account. As well as the remaining availability of the prepaid card and the last five debit card movements, credit or prepaid.


No, actually, Assistant Google won’t be putting himself in the stove for us. However, thanks to the integration with YellowZafferano, we can ask to find a recipe for the dish we have in mind.

We can ask YellowZafferano for a precise recipe or even a suggestion: for example, for a quick first.

Developers and manufacturers usually tend to support more than one voice assistant.

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