Amazon presented Amazon Halo, a new tool dedicated to improving health and their individual well-being.

Amazon Halo combines a suite of artificial intelligence-based health features that provide useful information on general well-being through the new Amazon Halo app with Amazon Halo Band, which uses multiple advanced sensors to provide the highly accurate information needed for the suite’s processing.

Customers in the United States can already request early access to Amazon Halo, with the Amazon Halo Band and 6 months Halo subscription available at a special price of $64.99.

Amazon Halo Band is designed specifically to focus on health and well-being and, unlike smartwatch and fitness tracker, does not have a constant screen or notifications.

The small capsule provides highly accurate data and includes an accelerometer, temperature sensor, heart rate monitor, two microphones, an LED and a switch on or off microphones.

Amazon Halo Band is water resistant and is designed for everyday use: the fit and materials make it an ideal companion for day and night.

In addition, the battery lasts up to seven days and is fully charged in less than 90 minutes.

Customers can choose between three fabric strap colors at the time of purchase, with sports accessories in fabric and silicone available in 15 additional colors.

The Amazon Halo Lup is a suite of five main features designed to provide customers with a complete understanding of their health and well-being and tools to act to make measurable improvements.

Activity: Amazon Halo rewards the user according to the intensity and duration of the movement, not only the number of steps taken. For example, customers will earn points to walk, but will earn more points for the race. The medical guidelines recommend that a sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on health, so Amazon Halo deduces a point of activity for every hour beyond the first eight sedentary time in a day, outside of sleep. A basic goal of 150 activity points is set and measured weekly.

Sleep: The health benefits of a constantly good and sufficient sleep are well documented, as well as the potential negative impacts on the health of a not enough or constantly poor sleep. Amazon Halo uses movement, heart rate and temperature to measure sleep time and awake time; time spent in the various phases of sleep, including deep, light and REM; and skin temperature during sleep. The sensors in the fitness band allow continuous monitoring of sleep, so that customers get rich and detailed information without having to load the band every day. In the morning, Amazon Halo offers a sleep score of 100, any deviation from the basic sleep temperature and a hypnogram that shows the time spent at each stage of sleep.

Body: Medical research has shown for years that the percentage of body fat is a better measure of overall health than just body weight or body mass index (BMI), but the tools that measure the percentage of body fat can be expensive or difficult to access. Amazon Halo allows customers to measure their percentage of body fat in the comfort and privacy of their home, making this important information easily accessible.

Tone: The global health definition includes not only physical well-being, but also social and emotional well-being. The innovative Tone function uses machine learning to analyze energy and positivity in a customer’s voice so that they can better understand how they look to others, helping to improve their communication and their relationships. For example, Tone’s results may reveal that a difficult work call leads to less positive communication with a client’s family, an indication of the impact of stress on emotional well-being. More information about the Tono function.

Labs: Amazon Halo Labs are science-driven challenges, experiments and training that allow customers to find out what works best for them in particular, so they can build healthier habits, for example, some customers might find that reducing caffeine in the afternoons

Privacy is crucial for Amazon Halo and more levels of privacy and security are integrated into the service to keep data safe and in customer control. Integrity data is encrypted in transit and in the cloud and customers can download or delete data at any time directly from the app. The tone is enabled by creating a personal voice profile, after which it begins to capture short speech samples and providing daily insights and summaries. Voice samples are always analyzed locally on the customer’s phone and automatically deleted after processing: no one, not even the customer, ever hears them.

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