The contactless payment method Fitbit Pay is activated for customers of over 100 Italian banks that are part of the Nexi circuit.

In practice, over 4.5 million Nexi cards will be enabled to pay for Fitbit which allows you to shop through smartwatch and trackers compatible with the service. These are the Ionic, Versa, Charge 3 Special Edition models.

Fitbit Pay, in fact, allows you to pay the expense in all shops equipped with a POS contactless (more than 75% of the commercial stores in Italy), in a simple way. Just press the left button of your Fitbit wearable and type the PIN you set when you register the card at the service. After this, just bring the wearable Fitbit to the POS to make the payment. After the purchase, the customer will receive a notification on his smartphone associated with the Fitbit device.

A quick activation

To activate the service you must access the Fitbit Pay app. From here you must select the Wallet Fitbit option. Then set the PIN and match the Nexi card (credit, international debt or prepaid) issued by one of the participating banks. After this, you can purchase via one of the compatible Fitbit products.

The security of the transaction, Fitbit specifies, is guaranteed by the fact that the physical card data on the device are not stored. In addition, when paying, the code identifying the virtualized card is used and not the real one.

To ensure even more safety, every time you remove your watch from your wrist or 24 hours after the previous insertion, you are required to enter your PIN code again.

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