After two years of presence on the Italian market, Fintech for the financial management of SMEs and professionals inaugurates the first national headquarters in Milan.

Approdata in Italia in May 2019, ma con headquarter a Parigi,in due anni Quonto ha treplodato l’acquiszione di nuove clienti e incrementato di 8 volte il proprio affari.

A growth driven by the increased use of cards and Qonto services: over 3 billion euros of managed transactions, of which 2 billion only in the last 7 months.

Country manager is Mariano Spalletti, who underlines how \ the launch of the Italian IBAN in record times and, more recently, the payment of the taxes through F24 Â Â have contributed to the success.

And in fact, the continuous development of the product and the localization capacity of the service are considered among the strengths of Qonto.

In two years in Italy the company has developed more than 30 new features that have made it a smart digital solution and easy to use, able to replace the traditional current account and to simplify financial and accounting management.

Quonto has consolidated a strategy focused on the customer not only in Italy, but throughout Europe, where it aims to replicate the success achieved in France, country of origin, reaching to have by 2023 a customer base of 500,000 between SMEs and professionals, of

The success of French fintech contributes to the partnerships, from Apple to Satispay, from October to (the total of eleven of which are only Italian).

Italy is a strategic place for Qonto’s business at European level and today the Italian market team is composed of about 30 people and it is expected that it will be quadrupled within the next two years, to reach over 100 people.

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