Nominated Ceo by Finix Technology Solutions on February 28, Danilo Rivalta immediately had to face the digital transformation and smart working imposed by the unpredictable health situation.

Finix has successfully adopted collaboration solutions that have in no way limited company productivity; indeed they have enhanced its qualities.

Knowing how to respond quickly to unforeseen events is a sign of solidity and managerial competence.

In less than 20 days from the beginning of the emergency, the company has even canceled the rentals of the offices of Rome and Milan. An uncommon reactivity, which has allowed to optimize resources by choosing a space in co-working. A considerable economic saving (over one million euros) that stigmatizes the pragmatism of which Finix has shown to be rich.

Without prejudice to the close relationship with Fujitsu, Finix has developed its own industrial development path based on three fundamental pillars: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and IoT.

Growing these instances meant putting into place, Rivalta stresses, important scouting activities. It takes courage, continues the manager, to invest and relate to small innovative startups: these realities are often poorly equipped with sufficient commercial and organizational skills to enter the market. Rivalta recalled that his recent background is very linked to the startup sector: an experience that is proving very profitable for Finix, which thus manages to identify real technological diamonds to be valued. If the situation makes it necessary, Finix can also enter the share capital of a startup. However, the aim is never financial, but industrial: giving economic strength to a nascent reality enables the growth process, and at the same time entering the board of directors for Finix it is possible to implement a moral suasion that helps the nascent companies to undertake Helping startups is also important for a particular often underestimated: when a company like Finix offers a solution on the market, customers expect (good) to be able to count on long-lasting assistance and development. A startup usually tries to monetize its idea quickly, while Finix has to think in medium-long term perspective.

In the relationship with selected startups, Finix provides its technological, marketing, commercial and administrative know-how; the startup contributes with the innovative force of its proposal.

For this reason it is reasonable and inevitable that the selection is very rigorous and that only a few startups are able to overcome the initial rock. They are already part of the innovation hub of Finix Morphisec, an integrated technology solution for cybersecurity, which offers advanced endpoint protection thanks to Moving Target Defense, able to counter malware, in-memory exp Rivalta has revealed that further announcements will soon be made, which will enrich the already solid lineup of Finix.

The market recognizes to the society an important added value, fruit not only of the distribution in exclusive of Fujitsu on the Italian territory, but also of the three pillars with which Finix is establishing itself on the national market and not only, starting from a minimum common Talking about data drive is now mandatory for any organization: there is no sector or business dimension that can think of not putting the use of data at the center of its business. Danilo Rivalta stressed that the current approach between large companies and public administrations, where digital transformation projects have been in place for some time, and the SMEs and small local administrations, where there is still strong resistance to change and where

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