Finix Technology Solutions has decided to move its headquarters to the coworking space of WeWork, in via San Marco 21 of Milan, encouraging smart working and home office for its employees.

The choice of the home working and flexible working, embraced during the emergency health, becomes therefore definitive, even in operating conditions.

It does so after the positive assessment that the company has given to its ability to effectively implement the smart working mode of all its employees.

For the CEO of Finix Technology Solutions, Danilo Rivalta, we have chosen to promote a new way of working agile, which ensures a more dynamic experience for employees and a better work-life balance. Moving our headquarters to WeWork will certainly offer great value to our employees as well as our customers, who will be able to enjoy new and functional spaces in the heart of the city.

WeWork’s choice is part of a broader project to create an innovation ecosystem, the hub engine of technological excellence and innovative digital solutions, with which Finic presents itself to the market of potential partners and customers.

Finix’s initiative aligns with that of other tech companies, to optimize efficiency, reducing the timing of switching and improving carbon footprint.

For the purpose of this study, the company cites data from a study by Enea, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, of 29 public administrations and 5,500 workers, which calculated that smart working is able to reduce mobility

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