Stock stocks are one of the most popular ways people direct their investments, and Italians strongly believe in Amazon.

Although the shares are subject to market volatility, they tend to work much better than alternative types of investment over a long period of time and have high potential to generate impressive returns.

Interested in equity investments, analysed the data obtained from the online analysis tool to identify which actions are most appreciated by Italian investors.

Invezz then claimed that Amazon is the company in which the most Italians want to invest, with as many as 18,500 online searches per month for their title.

In this case Italy is distinguished from all the rest of Europe, which instead as a point of reverence for investments rewards Tesla.

Moreover, the analysis of Invezz continues, Amazon as a prospect of investment in shares is definitely tempting, given their constant desire to expand into new services, such as the launch of the American online drug sales service.

Microsoft is second in position among technology companies, with 11,800 requests online per month.

In third place is AT&T which receives on average 9,800 online searches every month from Italians eager to invest in the world’s largest telecom provider.

On the other side in tenth position is Alibaba. The Chinese colossus of the e-commerce gets 5,400 searches online every month by Italians.

Considering that investment in shares can be a fundamental pillar in the construction of personal wealth, Invezz interviewed 1,631 Italians who were indecisive to find out what would encourage them to increase their investment volume.

The sample replied that it is important to obtain more knowledge of investment (76%), as well as the reduction of non-essential expenditure, so that more investment funds are available (65%).

Italians also consider it important to accept aware that there will be various

For this reason, it is also reasonable that 62% of the sample indicated the importance of having the aid or guidance of an investment professional (62%). Finally, a psychological component: being less discouraged by negative speculation on the stock market (34%)

Invezz also decided to contribute to investment awareness by providing a number of useful tips.

First of all, define your intentions. If you are simply trying to \’play on the market \\’ in search of a quick profit, then it would be wise not to take too many risks \\\’ it is advisable to enter the market in order to invest for at least a maximum of five

It is more likely that an investor will be more aware of what is happening if he invests in companies where he has a real interest: the in-depth knowledge of a company makes his investment more profitable and less risky. In addition, all listed companies issue periodic reports, so there are many instruments with which to make weighted investments.

Adverse or unexpected news about a company or a sector may have a huge impact on the performance of the actions, but it is important not to react hastily to act only on the wave of emotional impulses.

In fact, equity investments can rise and fall rapidly, so it is important to carefully assess the situation before making decisions.

Diversify the portfolio of equity investments as widely as possible by investing in companies in different sectors. This will significantly reduce risk exposure when adverse market forces affect certain sectors more than others.

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