Trust digital transformation if it is driven by a mechanical engineer: Christian Nucibella is founder and FiloBlu and from his engineering training he has derived concreteness, the spirit of resilience and the constant tension to transformation. These skills, which are in a context like the current digital one, allow us to understand how to develop increasingly liquid companies.

Starting from the fact that at the end of last year digital transformation was an excellent topic Companies are now taking stock of their digital design skills and capabilities.

For example, in the retail sector of FiloBlu, until the end of last year , many beautiful pilot projects in the digital field were made. Today the entire management line is asking digital to perform miracles. Now the digital is asked to make 30, 40, even 50 of the turnover, in contexts where it was intended before but as a styling exercise, at least as a design with to verify.

In this Nucibella it is not difficult to detect two inconsistencies. First, it tells us, digital transformation cannot be charged to digital, but it is the responsibility of the company all. Then to do it you need tools, like the Crm, which must be B2b2c and be able to give insight on all channels.

So, explains Nucibella, the company must create a project program, check the make or buy and organize accordingly.

Chi è FiloBlu Founded in Venice by Christian Nucibella, FiloBlu is a strategic consulting company on & offline, with an international vocation, offering tailor-made and complete solutions to companies operating in multiple sectors (among them: fashion It employs 160 specialized professionals and has a sustainable, global and widespread vision at the service of the customer. Recently opened in Milan the space 285c HUB powered by FiloBlu.

In fact, today the way a company makes business decisions is more dynamic. This, for the CEO of FiloBlu, has advantages, in terms of measurable and testing, with the organization that is attested all over the final consumer to know how to grasp instantly the change of the demand.

We are therefore faced with a generational change in the way we make company, for which FiloBlu represents the coach, reasoning in logic of performance.

♪ To the retail brand we said, with transparency, that we know it will be tough, but we have best practices. As a setting we are a small Google for luxury and fashion brands. Supply chains are a mantra for us, we can talk to a brand knowing how to ask the right questions. Creating mindset.

FiloBlu brands are offered business projects in successful fee or performance mode. He knows he’s a data-driven company, working on indicators.

›We have chosen to be innovative, also in the way we face the challenges. Always starting from listening to the brand. It was done before, but it wasn’t that simple. During the lockdown I had call every half hour with the CEO. Strategic planning was done week by week.

A pervasive, challenging model that makes. ♪ This year we grow by more than 30%, with a structure that leverages on the senority. We accelerated by working twice, without pauses, but strengthening networking.

Digital steering committee for brands

Any examples of digital design for Italian brands?

Santoni Shoes, 90 million turnover. He knows that this year due to the pandemic will have a decrease, but he has planned the growth of next year, with the ecommerce becoming priority, and reorganization of the b2b network, done with the work of a steering committee. The goal is to go abroad, beyond the US.

And then Pinko, a project that started last year, to improve the parameters of digital development. They have cryptic systems, ecommerce systems, but the results weren’t effective. ♪ With them we created a gain system, with important numbers. We have hung them on 8 key points, in terms of governance, marketing, flows, operating support. All with weekly appointments with the property, with a steering committee

How is the steering committee constituted? Three, four key people are identified, explains Nucibella, a project manager and created a dashboard. The first lines of the company are square and are given periodic, concrete, non-dispersive, check appointments, in mode Agile, of \ maximum one hour no more \, Lean if we

Business intelligence at the base of everything

In addition to the consulting activity FiloBlu also puts in place a technological equipment, a suite of home-developed Business intelligence, which is both tool and best practice.

Companies have their own Business Intelligence solutions, but that, Ossereva Nuciblela, largely do not come up to face a market made of marketplaces, ecommerce, new channels, consumer oriented in retail key. WE have a tool, which is based on best practice, which reports and uses shared data and quality .

Already implemented by about fifty brands, the Business Intelligence suite is open and has a base built on Google Cloud’s tools, with artificial intelligence.

The suite is made up of a series of techniques, processes and tools that transform data into quality information, supports decision makers’ activity at all levels and areas, from retail to store managers, from marketing managers to administrative staff.

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