Fastweb strengthens its positioning in the digital transformation of enterprises and PA, focusing on the edge computing and the creation of a national cloud, as called for by the Minister for Innovation and Digital Transition, Vittorio Colao and how

It does so with a new data center, open in Rome and that is added to that of Milan, with which Fastweb will offer advanced ICT and cloud services to the enterprise market and the Public Administration.

Fastweb has launched a new phase of its strategy, which involves investing in proximity infrastructure to provide computing data processing services in a cloud first perspective and with the utmost attention to the issue of data security of businesses and public administrations.

The data center at the heart of digital transformation

For the Chief Enterprise Officer of Fastweb, Augusto Di Genova, data centers are great technological enablers and with the digital transformation of the PA provided by the PNRR , will play a key role in the adoption With the new technology environment in Rome, we further strengthen our infrastructure facilities to offer our customers the latest generation of digital services, which are easily and securely accessible. A path also witnessed by our adherence to the Gaia X project.

Fastweb’s new data center is efficient and sustainable: it is 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources

The geographical proximity allows you to count on even higher performance for low latency ICT applications, such as IOT and real-time applications, which require very fast response times in data exchange.

Located at Tecnopolo Tiburtino, which together with the Tecnopolo di Castel Romano is the first technological centre in Rome, the data center is declared able to ensure high performance and maximum efficiency thanks to automation in the supply of

The data center is interconnected to Fastweb’s ultra-wide bandwidth network with connections up to 10 Gigabit per second and to the Data Center Tier IV in Milan through over 3,000 Km of dedicated optical fiber, further increasing the level of protection against cyberattack

The new data center is certified Rating 4, the highest level provided by the ANSI-TIA standard that evaluates the resilience of a data center, that is its ability to guarantee the continuity, without interruption, of the services provided.

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