Bad news for Facebook: the social network is facing antitrust investigations by the EU Commission, which will assess whether the use of data by the US company gives it an unfair advantage in online advertising.

The investigation could eventually result in a high fine and increase the pressure on Facebook to make changes to its business model, which is already at the center of a lawsuit brought by the US government.

In a statement, the European Commission stated that it is considering whether Facebook has infringed EU competition rules by using the data collected by advertisers on its platform to compete with them.

Facebook, the position of Commissioner Margrethe Vestager

Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that data collected through social networks should not be used in ways that distort competition.Vestager also said that the data will be analysed in detail, to clarify whether they give the Just where people buy and sell goods every day and where Facebook competes also with the companies from which it collects data, she recalled the Commissioner EU, also remembering that Facebook is used by almost 3 billion people on a monthly basis and by almost 7 million companies that

It collects huge amounts of data on user activities, allowing it to address specific customer groups. Commissioner EU has finally specified that \ in today’s digital economy, the data should not be used in ways that distort competition. \

Facebook may, for example, use information about user preferences collected by advertisers’ activities to adapt its classified ad service, Facebook Marketplace.

The social network response

In response, a Facebook spokesperson said: ♪ We will continue to fully cooperate in the investigations to prove that they have no foundation. We work to constantly develop new and better services that can meet the evolving needs of people using Facebook. Marketplace and Dating offer the most choice people and both products operate in a highly competitive environment, which has other great players:

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