Meta is introducing new ways to shop

And new features to allow users to receive inspiration from friends and creators.

The Shops in Groups feature allows community members to purchase products and merchandise in a family environment.

And, speculatively, to the enterprises and organizations to enable a new channel for online shopping to make available to their potential customers or supporters.

People also often ask Facebook group members for advice and advice on their experience with a product or its performance.

With the Product Recommendations in Groups Facebook feature will show the products that participants suggest when asking for advice within a group and make it easier to purchase those products from Facebook stores.

Facebook is also introducing Top Product Mentions in the News Feed, a way to help users discover the products that have been recommended in the groups they are part of.

There is also another novelty that opens up a further opportunity for influencer and creator. Facebook is starting to test Live Shopping, a feature designed to make it easier for content creators to collaborate with brands and highlight their favorite products.

With perfect timing, as Christmas season approaches, Meta is thus enhancing its tools for shopping and monetization on its popular social media. The company also highlights the functions that could help users make more informed purchases.

The Community replies allow you to see and answer questions from people who are thinking of buying an item that you have already purchased, and vice versa.

Meta has also recently expanded its ratings and reviews to provide people with more information before a possible purchase on Facebook and Instagram. You can now shop with more confidence thanks to the reviews of e-commerce sites, provided by Bazaarvoice and Yotpo.

By tagging the brands from which a user purchased in their Instagram posts, companies can also add their images to the retail pages of their stores. In this way, other buyers can see the photo of a user’s product and feel safer in making a purchase.

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