For a couple of years Facebook in its Reality Labs was working to develop its smartglasses for augmented reality. Not a few difficulties in the development of the project have prompted Mark Zuckerberg’s company to look around. And Facebook has turned to the excellence of the world’s glasses, which is Italian: Luxottica.

Mark Zuckerberg announced this at the Facebook Connect, the company’s annual conference, which was held virtually from California.

The partnership also covers the apps of its own, Instagram and Whatsapp, and Luxottica, brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley and Esilor lenses technologies.

In Facebook’s long-term idea, glasses will allow users to respond to calls, show information to users from a small display, and stream their views live to their contacts on social media.

According to US sources such as CNBC, the new timeline for smartglasses fully ready to perform these roles varies between 2023 and 2025.

New smart glasses will replace smartphones.

Luxottica is not new to the smartglasses context. The company has already experimented with this technology, collaborating with Google to design, develop and sell Google Glass.

The first product to see the arch will have Ray-Ban brands and, reports a note from Luxottica, will combine together the best of the two realities, as innovative technologies and style in the goal of giving life to smartglasses that consumers really have the

For Andrew Bosworth, Vice President of Facebook Reality Labs, reports the same note, › We are always looking for devices that can offer people more effective ways to stay in touch with those they love. Wearable devices have the potential to do so. We found EssilorLuxottica an equally ambitious partner who will provide his experience and his portfolio of excellence brands to realize the first truly fashionable smartglasses.

In the same note, Rocco Basilico, Chief Wearables Officer of Luxottica says that  collaboration with Facebook projects an iconic brand like Ray-Ban in an increasingly digital and social future. By putting together the glasses desired and worn by millions of consumers around the world and the technology that has made people closer together, we can now redefine expectations on wearable devices. With this collaboration we are opening the way for a new generation of products to change the way we look at the world.

The name of this product, specifications, features, prices and any other details will be made known as the launch approaches in 2021.

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