Facebook has announced two new additions to the Portal line of smart displays and video call devices.

The 10-inch Portal Go is a portable model and the new generation Portal+ has a 14-inch HD tiltrotable display.

In addition, Facebook is also releasing new features for small businesses with Portal for Business.

Portal Go brings the best of Portal Smart Camera video calls in a new portable version. It is designed Featured Facebook › to allow users

The Portal Go includes a 12MP camera with an ultrawide field of view for engaging video calls. And he’s also a portable speaker.

The new 14-inch Portal+ features a 12MP Smart Camera with an ultrawide field of view and stereo speakers.

With the spread of distance and hybrid work, he pointed out Facebook, Portal can act as a dedicated screen for work calls, freeing the computer for other activities such as taking notes, displaying a presentation or multitasking.

But the novelty is more interesting is not, in our opinion, hardware.

With distance work becoming a long-term strategy and distributed teams needing more efficient ways to work together, Facebook is reimagining how Portal is used to work, at home and at the office, enabling new opportunities for collaboration

Facebook Portal for business

From December, Facebook will add Microsoft Teams support for all touch Portal devices, including Portal Go and Portal+.

With a dedicated team device, Facebook aims to offer everything you need to support your workflow, with features that include calendar, contacts, file sharing and chat. In addition, Teams has Microsoft security integrated with Microsoft Intune app protection.

Facebook is also launching Portal for Business, a new service for SMEs to exploit Portal’s video calls and collaborative tools, distributing and managing devices easily.

With Portal for Business, he highlighted Facebook, SMEs will be able to create and manage Facebook Work accounts for their teams.

This is a new type of account on Portal and will be available for many Facebook work products over the next year.

Portal Device Manager allows companies to manage devices that have been set up by employees with access to Portal for Business.

It makes it easy to deploy and manage Portal devices with functions to control work accounts, manage settings and see the status of your device and restart or reset these devices. All remotely, no matter where the company’s workforce is.

Portal for Business is currently closed beta in the United States.

Facebook does not at present mention a possible timeline for opening for everyone and for expanding to other geographical areas but we imagine that the intention to widen the availability of the new service is there.

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