News in the social network world: Facebook will acquire Giphy, the search engine for gifs and platform provider animations.

Although the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg did not want to reveal in detail the terms of the agreement, highly accredited rumors indicate in about 400 million dollars the economic value of the transaction.

This is an addition with a clear strategic value: Giphy has grown to be a central source for shared and highly involved content and its animated response gifs are available on Facebook platforms, as well as through other apps and social services on the web.

In particular, Giphy provides integrated search and sticker functions for Facebook Instagram, and will continue to operate in this capacity, becoming part of the Instagram team.

Giphy will also be available for other Facebook apps through existing and additional integrations.

Users will still be able to load their GIFs, and as far as known Giphy will continue to operate with its brand and site, as well as the collaboration and the possibility of integration by external developers will not be interrupted.

The social network has also confirmed its willingness to continue investing to improve Giphy’s technological development; at the same time, new relationships and synergic collaborations will be actively developed, both on the content side and from the point of view of endpoint developers.

The American company has also revealed that to date about 50% of the traffic that Giphy receives already comes from the applications of Facebook, including Instagram, Messenger, the application FB itself and WhatsApp.

It is easy to understand the reasons that have led to the success of this negotiation, which shows that Facebook does not only make investments aimed at diversifying its offer (such as the recent investment in Indian telco) but also in acquisitions perfectly in line with its native core business.

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