We anticipated the launch just yesterday, and now it’s official, Facebook launches numerous solutions to exploit the potential of audio on the social network.

Menlo Park’s company claims to have witnessed the continuous rise of audio on its platforms, starting with audio calls to audio messages on WhatsApp and Messenger.

On this Facebook is working, to make audio messages easier to record and more fun, including the possibility for people to send familiar audio clips to their friends ranging from sound effects such as cricket chirping to can quotes

Facebook has therefore invested in the entire spectrum of audio technologies.

From improvements in audio quality, captions and vocal translations, the stated goal is to simplify the audio presence on social media. Allowing users to experience new functions as easily as possible. Whether it’s a thorough conversation or your thoughts of passage, society is building audio tools and formats that bring people into contact with the things they care about.

Facebook has invested heavily in audio technologies, such as synthesis and voice morphing. Now they are made available in an audio creation tool directly within the Facebook app.

Thanks to the progress in artificial intelligence, Facebook claims to allow recording of audio clips even in a busy street, eliminating background noises thanks to its own technology. Users can use the music of the collection of Facebook sounds as background to a story. It also offers the possibility to mix audio tracks, a growing collection of sound effects, vocal effects and filters.

Facebook presents Soundbites: a new social audio format

These audio creation tools will allow you to create Soundbites: short and creative audio clips to capture anecdotes, jokes, inspirational moments, poetry and everything that users will have in mind.

Facebook says it will start testing Soundbites in the coming months with a small number of creators and will perfect the product with their contribution before making it available to everyone.

Podcasts are coming on Facebook

Although the social network claims to believe firmly in the power of audio in short form, it is also aware that some stories and conversations require more transmission time.

More than 170 million people are already connected to hundreds of thousands of podcast pages on Facebook and more than 35 million people are members of fan groups around podcasts.

However, so far it was necessary to leave the social network to listen to these audio content.

Within the next few months, you can listen to the podcasts on the Facebook app, both during the use of the app and when the app is in the background.

It will also be facilitated the search for new podcasts and episodes according to your own interests, and of course comment and suggest them to your friends.

Podcast makers will be able to reach and connect with new listeners, all directly from the Facebook app.

Live Audio Rooms on Facebook and Messenger

The social network will also start testing Live Audio Rooms and expects it will be available for everyone on the Facebook app by the summer.

The company will be developing live audio rooms in groups, making them available to 1.8 billion people using groups every month and tens of millions of communities active on Facebook.

As part of this initial Facebook launch, Live Audio Rooms will also feature public characters so that they can host conversations with other public characters, experts and fans.

Facebook also plans to release Live Audio Rooms on Messenger by this summer.

Facebook, thanks to audio, creators will monetize the contents

The only way all these innovations can work in the long term is if the creators have the chance to earn money through their own efforts. Then, at the launch, different ways for audio makers to build their business by pursuing their passion will be introduced.

At the launch of Live Audio Rooms, fans can support their favorite creators and public characters through Stars, or make donations for the causes they care about.

Right after the launch, Facebook will also introduce other monetization models, such as the ability to charge access to a live audio room via a single purchase or subscription. Finally, to kick off Soundbites, an Audio Creator Fund is created to support emerging audio makers and get early feedback on the new product experience.

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